English Camp Report



We’re back from a seven day English Camp and wanted to thank all of you who were praying for us. God has used this English Camp over the years to open the eyes of so many to see Jesus Christ and understand His Good News. Many core young members of the churches in Vecsés and in Petofibánya were saved through these camps. Maybe you can join us next year and serve with us in one of these camps! You can contact us for more information.

This year was unique, with over 50% being first time campers and many younger in age. We have experienced that most campers are not quick to make decisions for Jesus, but after years of attending and hearing His word and experiencing the power of His love through Christian staff at camp, they come know their need for Jesus Christ.



Above: Our days included a morning Bible reading hour where kids were introduced to the testimonies from Peter and Paul in the book of Acts and then were taken to Jesus’ own testimony about Himself in the book of John. Later in the day, there is a conversation time where kids have opportunity to practice speaking. Towards the end of the week, many begin opening up and talking about deeper things as we develop friendships.


I was able to pray for one of the campers, Bogi (pictured above left) in the group who had injured her elbow and was wearing a soft brace. That opened the door to talk more about how she was doing in life and what she thought about God. Earlier in the week, I introduced my study with the theme that God had put eternity in our hearts. That we all long for things to last but we experience suffering and great loss in the world. The only solution to fill that longing is to know Jesus Christ, the resurrection and the life. He is the only one that can restore our broken relationship with God and give to us the eternal purpose we had lost because of sin. Little did I know that Bogi had just lost a brother recently. I was able to talk to her about grief and also share more about how Jesus saved me. Some of the kids at this camp say they are Christians, but it could be that they are simply acknowledging they believe in their minds that Jesus exists and it is good to be religious. I sought to clear up with Bogi the difference between mental assent and belief in the heart.



Above: Very thankful to have long term volunteers Rob and Adria help in teaching this year!

Above: Istvan taking part in an afternoon optional guitar class at English Camp

Istvan (ee - sht - von), another camper in my group, has been to many of our camps previously. He’s actually my age and single and for years he has longed for a family. In one of the conversation hours, Istvan was asked where he would like to go if he could go anywhere in the world. Istvan replied, “It is not about where, but about who.” He wanted to say that he considered us to be the people he enjoys most being with. I was able to have lunch with Istvan before we left to ask how he was doing spiritually. In the past, Istvan has been closed but over the years has become much more open. He shared that he has begun attending church (but not every week) and he feels like he can relate to my testimony of finding success and yet feeling completely empty without God in life. He remembered years ago when he had attended camp and I asked if I could pray for his arm which was terribly injured because of an accident. He said it didn’t get better instantly, but the amount of healing that happened soon after was not normal. He said many don’t recover from such an injury. Please pray for Istvan to deeply know Jesus and the new life given to those who put their faith in Him.


This year, we had many of our youth group attend English Camp and they also presented a powerful drama on what we call “Gospel Night”. This night gives the kids an opportunity to hear testimonies from staff and a short message from a pastor. We then invite anyone who wants to stay and talk about what they’ve heard to remain. There were ten kids that stayed to talk. I saw Eszti (pictured above) sitting and talking with one of the young girls who was in tears. This brought my memories back to me being the one sitting with Eszti as she was in tears on Gospel night so many years ago. Now Eszti was the one seeking to help someone else turn to Jesus and trust in Him. This is one of the greatest joys of doing ministry long term. We not only see seeds planted, but have great joy in seeing change and growth through years of cultivation and discipleship. Thanks for being partners and helping us to continue this long term work in Hungary!




VBS in Jaszfenyszaru

The season of summer outreach is not over. We have a week off and on Monday, we begin our VBS in the town of Jászfényszaru. We have over fifty kids registered and many are first time campers. This will be a great opportunity to get to know more in this community where we are church planting. Please pray for us and that this camp may be used to shine Christ’s light and show the way of salvation to those who are lost and in need of His grace.

Here are films from our English Camp. Enjoy!

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